Book: Unleashed: V Plague Book 1 by Dirk Patton

Reviewer: Matt

Age/Genre: Action Thriller

Preferred Reading Environment: Recliner/Couch

Reading Accoutrements: American Beer! This book screams ‘Merica


This is the first of many posts I will write for this blog and soon, everyone will see I am a huge lover of End of the World books and Indy authors. I first came across Unleashed, the first in the V Plague series, when Amazon gave me a free book. This was the first one in my “Just For You” recommendations. I’ve purchased many books from this section and it has yet to fail me so far!

Unleashed: V Plague Book 1, by Dirk Patton, is the story of Retired Delta Force Master Sergeant John Chase. John was hell on wheels and well-known in the tight knit community of special operators around the world. Keep in mind, this series is strongly based in the world of the military. Those (me included) who have served and are still serving will find small details that may bother us, but remember: this is a fictional book and not a military history. If you can get past the few minor inaccurate details, the pages of this book just about turn themselves and you’ll still want to turn them faster.

Let’s get back to John. He is a simple man who wants to spend his time enjoying the company of his wife, Katie, but, like we all realize sooner or later, he has to do adult things like work and pay bills…. John is what you would call a man cut from a different cloth than most. He is a strong but fair leader, still respected by the men he led in Delta years after he left them for what they derisively refer to as his “Suit and Tie Job.” John is going to do the right thing even if it goes against rules and regulations. If someone is in need of help, he will devise some way to get help to them even if it puts himself in the line of fire. John is the kind of man I believe everyone should strive to be. His main quest is to get from Atlanta, Georgia, to Arizona to find his wife. An airborne virus is threatening the lives of people across the United States and John wants to ensure that his wife is safe. Along the way, he saves a woman named Rachel outside of his hotel room.

Patton has created an End of the World series where – while everything that’s happening may not be completely realistic – most of it is possible. Two countries ally together in order to rule the world. Other countries and people go to such extreme lengths to stop the takeover that, not only are they putting entire countries at risk of being completely wiped out, but the consequences of what they are doing may destroy themselves in the process. Meanwhile, a few elite people who have too much power and are inherently evil are the real culprits – we, as humans, have known throughout history: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” World War I, World War II, and the cold war are just a few examples that a handful of people can change the world with a head nod or the turn of a key.

I truly hope you give this book a chance. I personally love this book and the series itself – it really gives you chills when you read it and you won’t be able to put it down. If you are a fan of the “could this happen” type of plot then get on your phone and start downloading!

Well y’all, I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think in the comments. What is your favorite End of the World book? I would love recommendations. Thanks, Matt.


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