We’ve been seeing book spine poetry recently on twitter, so we thought we’d jump in the fray and put together a few book poems of our own! 

Jeriann: It helps that I’ve been cataloguing my books (so that I have a list of what I own to consult at bookstores), so I was pretty excited to combine some of the titles I was seeing into poetry!

Anyway, that’s enough chatter! Now it’s time for *drumroll please!*


As “written” by Jeriann and Bethany

Passionate Hearts:

Loitering with Intent

Chemicals, Electric Arches

Rush OH!

Sex as a Second Language


Night is Alive

Sweet Talk / Velvet Song


Midnight Rainbow

Almost Perfect / Escape

We Laugh, we cry, we cook:

Oranges are not the only fruit

Quite a year for Plums

Naked Lunch

A Deadly Web

Chill of Fear

Night is Watching

Unseen / Nightly Sins

Whisper of Warning

The Forgotten / Merciless / Criminal

Running Wild

Share your own book spine poems in the comments or tag us on twitter!


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