You know, no matter how many free bookmarks we get from libraries and bookstores, there never seems to be one handy. But luckily, it’s not hard to find something relatively flat to save your space in a book. Here are the 10 items we’re most likely to use as bookmarks when there are no glossy cardstock cutouts to be found.

1. A Sticker – but only if it’s decidedly stuck to its backing. No sticker residue on our books! (How do I collect so many stickers?

2. A Napkin – I semi-obsessively collect these from restaurants, so they’re always available

3. A Concert Ticket– I relive memories of concerts all the time because of this

4. A Receipt (Grocery or Fast Food tend to be my favorites)

5. An Envelope – junk mail finally has a purpose!

6. A Business Card, which is probably why I can never find them when I need to contact someone

7. A Beer Coaster – those flat, thin ones that breweries give out at tastings. (Seriously, I have way too many of these, too)

8. A Gum Wrapper. Chew gum. Place wrapper in book. Win-Win

9. A Birthday Card – This is another great way to relive memories, or simply keep someone on your mind. Particularly great if the sender of the card would like the book you’re reading!

10. A Sticky Note, usually with a to-do list on it so that I remember to ACTUALLY DO things on my to-do list.

What do you use when your bookmarks are all out of reach? Let us know in the comments!


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