Welcome to the Bathtub Book Club!

This blog is run by Jeriann and Bethany, two best friends who met in college and bonded over books.

These days, though the two live in separate states, they still love to share the books, food, and fun moments that bring joy to their lives.

We find that one of the best ways to enjoy a great book is in a nice hot bath. Conveniently, baths are a great way to escape the stress of the world, which is one of the reasons we read in the first place.

And what’s the point of reading if you can’t tell people what you think of the books? That’s what The Bathtub Book Club is all about.

Over the years, we have each read and enjoyed a good number of books. We have also really detested a few — although they sparked some interesting conversations. Some of the best of those conversations are when we disagree about a book’s merits and flaws.

Even though we have a lot in common, we read very different types of books for fun. Jeriann bounces from poetry to sci-fi, to memoirs, to anything else that really make her think about the world and how we exist in it. Bethany is an escape artist when she reads, choosing books that exist around unique characters in engaging (and often unrealistic) situations. Romance, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, and various murder mystery plots are her preference (especially those that contain sexual tension).

This blog won’t just be about us, though. We want to share what our friends, and even some strangers, think about books, too! As the blog progresses, we will have guest posts from readers who will bring different perspectives on life, literature, and the libations that help us get through our days.

Please keep in mind that we are writing reviews about the books we are currently reading, talking about, and/or inspired by (you can read that as arguing about OR in love with, whichever floats your boat). That means we do not restrict our reviews to any genre, time period, author popularity level, release date, or theme. We will try to include content warnings for anything that may be triggering or divisive in the books we review, however, we may miss some things. Read at your own peril.

Currently, we are not taking requests for reviews, though we hope to set up something in the future where we can work with independent authors to get the word out about their new projects.

Our blog is not sponsored by any organization, and we will reveal any associations with authors of reviewed books in individual posts.

We hope you enjoy reading about our literary adventures, and that at least some of these posts inspire you to read something you wouldn’t have otherwise. We always want to hear your thoughts in the comments, especially if you have read the books we’re talking about, or have thoughts on similar authors and works.

So run a hot bath, get your beverage of choice (we prefer the adult variety), and grab a good book! You’re now an official member of The Bathtub Book Club!