Lean Out

...I was just excited because the cover is a giant middle finger and I absolutely love to hate on Lean In.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Okay readers, before we get started on this review, one small caveat: We have not watched...any...of Mindy Kaling’s TV comedy. (Bethany has seen No Strings Attached, and Kaling’s character was the only one she actually liked in that movie.) We did know that the commercials for her self-titled TV series, The Mindy Project, were funny, but unfortunately neither of us spend much of our scarce free time watching comedy.

Wolf Whistle Politics

My husband presented me with Wolf Whistle Politics and said, “This looked interesting. I thought you’d like it and that it would make you mad.” What can I say? The man knows me.

This Will Be My Undoing

With the subtitle “Living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America,” I knew this wasn’t going to be a “fun” read. I waited until I was mentally ready to dig into some hard truths.


r those of you who read the blog regularly, this might seem like a book that is completely outside of my realm of interest. Y'all know that I love romance novels and a good suspense plot and that will never change. You may not know that Oliver Sacks happens to be my favorite author, I just don't get to read him very often because 1) his books are expensive and 2) I read them in hard copy - not electronic - which means they take longer for me to read. If you're thinking, "Can we get to the review now? None of this seems important," I promise, I'm getting there.

Hidden Figures – Book/Movie Comparison

I watched the movie first. I know, I know - “ALWAYS read the book before you watch the movie!” And that is a good rule of thumb most of the time. But I love the actresses in Hidden Figures and the story looked awesome and I didn’t have time to read the book yet. (Yes, I know. “Excuses, excuses...”) SO, I watched the movie first. You know what? It made me want to read the book.

Men Explain Things to Me

Happy Day After Voting for our readers in the United States! We hope your election results give you some hope and most of all, motivation to change things in your communities both in and outside the political process. Now, onto the review!