Wolf Whistle Politics

My husband presented me with Wolf Whistle Politics and said, “This looked interesting. I thought you’d like it and that it would make you mad.” What can I say? The man knows me.

Floreat Queenie

It’s pretty obvious where we heard about Floreat Queenie since we posted a review of Queenie’s Teapot last month. This is the second book in The Queenie Chronicles by Carolyn Steele.

We thought this would be the perfect time to review Floreat Queenie because it starts off right at Christmas. The chaos of the past year is seemingly subsiding, when Queenie accidentally manufactures some political drama by swearing during her televised Christmas announcement. This is then used by some shady characters with political motives to mobilize religious zealots into protesting the government.


Web of Lies Series

I read Whispered Lies, the first book in the Web of Lies series, because I discovered it was written by the author of one of my favorite guilty-pleasures series. These books take place in and around Washington, D.C. and pretty much all of the characters are government employees. Web of Lies is a little different and a lot darker than the Kentucky series; it falls into the genre of political conspiracy thriller and romance. I thought it was an appropriate genre to review, seeing as how we just had elections a couple of weeks ago.