The Best Items for Makeshift Bookmarks

You know, no matter how many free bookmarks we get from libraries and bookstores, there never seems to be one handy. But luckily, it’s not hard to find something relatively flat to save your space in a book. Here are the 10 items we’re most likely to use as bookmarks when there are no glossy cardstock cutouts to be found.


American Historical Fiction You’re Not Sick of Yet

If you’re in the United States, chances are you’re recovering from Independence Day - whether from celebrating yourself or from keeping your pets/kids/self from getting stressed by others’ shenanigans. We thought it’d be fun to cover a few American Historical Fiction novels for the holiday, but we didn’t want this to become a Senior English Lit Syllabus. Here are 6 Historical American Fiction novels that aren’t part of “the canon” and take a different look at historical events than you might be used to.

The 5 Types of Books You Need to Survive Thanksgiving

If you’re anything like us, you never go to a family get-together without a book or two shoved into your bag or queued up on your Kindle. Sometimes, though, choosing the perfect book can be difficult. Maybe you want a read that will initiate interesting conversations when your relatives interrupt your book time to ask what you’re reading. Maybe you want a book whose cover will scare away those interruptions. Below are some options to meet some of the most common Thanksgiving book needs.