A Sports Romance While My Beloved Sports are Away

I think I’m going to need to start paying for a television package just so I can watch sports. I mean, I was doing fine before the pandemic started. Then, all of a sudden, if there was a game I wanted to watch, I couldn’t go to a bar and see it and soon after that, many sports were cancelled altogether. This is relevant to the review, I swear! I started picking up sport romances to console myself from the sudden dearth of sports in my life, and now my Kindle queue is full of various fictional athletes and their potential love interests, which is how I ended up reading The Chase.



Those of you who have read my reviews in the past know that I get most of my reading material from emails. I subscribe to several authors’ email newsletters and I get a couple of email lists of books I might be interested in reading. This book came to me - no surprise here - in an email from one of the authors I follow.

Taking Shots

I mentioned in my Like a Girl review that I’ve been going through sports withdrawals because of my jobs. Football isn’t the only sport I’ve been missing, though. It is also hockey season!!! I haven’t seen a single hockey game this year, you guys, so I had to live vicariously through these characters for a minute.

I first came across Taking Shots, by Toni Aleo, on Kindle a couple of years ago...