Saving Shadows

If you’ve read my reviews of the Web of Lies series or Chosen for Power by Kathleen Brooks, you already know that she writes book series that I track obsessively. Well, she recently released the first book of a new series about the small North Carolina town of Shadow’s Landing - a series that intersects with the several series she has written about the town of Keeneston, Kentucky.


Chosen for Power

I read Chosen for Power because Kathleen Brooks’s writing draws me in. When I’m out of books to read, I search authors of books I’ve read and enjoyed to see if they’ve released anything else. This is the first book in one of my favorite girl-power, guilty-pleasure series.

Web of Lies Series

I read Whispered Lies, the first book in the Web of Lies series, because I discovered it was written by the author of one of my favorite guilty-pleasures series. These books take place in and around Washington, D.C. and pretty much all of the characters are government employees. Web of Lies is a little different and a lot darker than the Kentucky series; it falls into the genre of political conspiracy thriller and romance. I thought it was an appropriate genre to review, seeing as how we just had elections a couple of weeks ago.