5 Books to Inspire You to Play a Musical Instrument

It’s National Buy a Musical Instrument Day! We’re both choir nerds (we play the vocal chords), so we thought it’d be fun to talk about some books that inspire musicality! These books aren’t necessarily centered around music, but they all incorporate some sort of instrument into the plot.


r those of you who read the blog regularly, this might seem like a book that is completely outside of my realm of interest. Y'all know that I love romance novels and a good suspense plot and that will never change. You may not know that Oliver Sacks happens to be my favorite author, I just don't get to read him very often because 1) his books are expensive and 2) I read them in hard copy - not electronic - which means they take longer for me to read. If you're thinking, "Can we get to the review now? None of this seems important," I promise, I'm getting there.