Highlander’s Dark Pride

October is officially over, so I wanted a change of pace from the paranormal and fantasy books that I have been reading for the past month. The first book to catch my eye in my Kindle queue was Highlander’s Dark Pride by Fiona Faris.

The Vine Witch

As I mentioned before, I’m using October as an excuse to read all of the fantasy books that are cluttering up my to-read list. I was really excited to include The Vine Witch in the list of books I set aside to review for October because it’s written by a new author! Any chance I get to read new authors (and find new books/series to obsess over), I’m taking it.

Real Deal

Today is my dad’s birthday!!! In celebration, I decided to review a book about an awesome dad (because my dad is AWESOME. Ask anyone). Caveat: that’s pretty much where the similarities end between this character and my dad.

Ash Princess

Book: Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian Reviewer: Whitney Garcia Age/Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Preferred Reading Environment: On the couch or in bed Reading Accoutrements:  A fuzzy blanket or a warm cup of tea. Content Notes (trigger warnings and such): Torture, Whipping, and Beating are described. I came across Ash Princess as a recommendation on my…

At the CEO’s Pleasure

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! I know what you’re thinking: “It’s weird to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day by writing about a book that essentially breaks the cardinal rule of being an administrative professional - no workplace relationships!” But I find that office romance novels make it very clear how integral administrative professionals really are for the success of a business.

The Princess Bride

It’s the end of February, and chances are you’ve had to watch at least one “romantic” movie that made you want to gag and roll your eyes. Don’t you wish that a movie could have romance without being super sappy? Maybe have a sword fight or two in there? Perhaps a harrowing battle with Rodents Of Unusual Size?

Worth the Weight

It is the second month of 2019 and I have to tell you guys - I am struggling to keep my New Year’s Resolutions going. I thought I'd review this book because it gave me an excuse to reread a book with a lot of body image-related themes, in the hope that it would give me a boost of confidence to help push me through February.

The Knocked Up Plan

Guys, I am really excited for this review! Why, you ask? Because it's my first requested review!!! My friend Deana sent me the link for The Knocked Up Plan, by Lauren Blakely, on Goodreads and asked me to review it. If you've read any of my reviews before, you probably won't be surprised to know that I actually own another Lauren Blakely book and, after reading the blurb, I figured this one was right up my ally. I was not disappointed.

Christmas Kiss

I came across Christmas Kiss (A Scottish Holiday Romance) (Kisses and Carriages Book 1), by L.L. Muir, because it was a free romance novel around the holidays and I was in the mood for a little Christmas cheer. I know that the holiday season is over and done with - I work in retail, so trust me, I know - but I decided to review this particular book because: 1) It's February - the month of romance - and "kiss" is in the title, and 2) This book makes references to classic works of romance, so it's kind of a double-whammy of perfection for the month of February.